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OK, this is going to sound a little crass, but we don't recall anyone asking for robot strippers!Sex robots, maybe, but not freakin' robot strippers.

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Believe it or not, there are certain positions in the bedroom that men just aren't comfortable doing!

February is supposed to be the month for lovers, as it's prime prowling season for those single people out there who are looking for a new main squeeze. Let's face it, while there are actual ways for people to become a millionaire — like starting a business or being smart with their investments — the quickest, but not easiest way, is to play the...

We're going to go on a mini rant right now, so bear with us: How on earth does pro surfer Ellie-Jean Coffey only have 870,000 Instagram followers, guys? Drumroll, please, because, with the most ridiculous product we've seen this week, comes a hilarious (and mega practical) cell phone charging station that's sure to make you lose that wall charger...

Sure, you can go ahead and listen to FM radio or shuffle up...

You don't need to be a rocket scientist to understand why most men enjoy a good one night stand.

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