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2008 – 2012 - Co-investigator on a NIH grant: ‘Mathematical Cognition and Specific Learning Disabilities (,200,565 for 4 years).

2008 - Travel Award from The USA National Institutes of Mental Health and Drug Abuse. 2008 - The Royal Society UK-Japan Frontiers of Science Fellowship for the attendance of the Frontiers of Science Symposium, Tokyo, Japan.

She leads the genetically informative research into mathematical development in the Twins Early Development Study (TEDS) at King’s College, London; and directs the Russian School Twin Registry (RSTR). Dyslexia across languages: orthography and the brain-gene-behavior link. ISBN 978-1-59857-185-1 Genetics of learning abilities and disabilities: implications for cognitive neuroscience and translational research Kovas, Yulia and Plomin, Robert. Genetics of learning abilities and disabilities: implications for cognitive neuroscience and translational research. Child neuropsychology: concepts, theory, and practice.

The goal of her research programme is to provide insights into the development of individual differences in cognitive abilities, emotional and motivational processes and academic achievement. in 2007 from the SGDP Centre, Institute of Psychiatry.

In 2015, In Lab and the ICRHD became the founding members of TAGC – The Accessible Genetics Consortium. 2004 –2005: Supervised undergraduate projects (SGDP placement students). ISBN 978-1-119-97319-5 Genetics and Genomics: Good, bad and ugly Kovas, Yulia and Plomin, Robert.

Current Teaching: 2014 - date: Professor of Genetics and Psychology, Goldsmiths. 1990-2004: Extensive teaching experience (languages, linguistics, literature, and culture) 2005 - Fellowship to attend the Summer Institute in Cognitive Neuroscience at Dartmouth Medical School, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH.

She also lectures at UCL and King’s College, London and supervises many BSc, MSc, Ph D, and Post-graduate students’ research in the UK and abroad. ISBN 9781405152662 Persistent Genetic and Family-Wide Environmental Contributions to Early Number Knowledge and Later Achievement in Mathematics Across Childhood Garon-Carrier, Gabrielle; Boivin, Michel; Kovas, Yulia; Brendgen, Mara; Vitaro, Frank; Séguin, Jean R.; Tremblay, Richard E. Psychological Science, ISSN 0956-7976 Number Sense and Mathematics: Which, When and How?

In addition to being the Director of In Lab, she co-directs the International Centre for Research in Human Development (ICRHD) at Tomsk State University and the Russian-British Laboratory for Behavioural Genetics at the Psychological Institute of the Russian Academy of Education, Moscow.

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G): ‘Genetically-sensitive cross-cultural investigations into individual differences in STEM.’ ~£3mln. 2012 - Honorary Award of the Psychological Institute of the Russian Academy of Education (100th Anniversary of the Institute). 2012 – 2013 - Co-Investigator on the Grant from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation (1.1 Programme: Agreement №8013).

2009 - British Science Association Fellowship to attend Science Communication Conference, 22-23 June, 2009, London.

2009 - Goldsmiths Early Careers Research Award: Assessing individual differences in specific numerical ability in 16-year olds: Validation study.

In addition to this research programme, Professor Kovas is also involved in promotion of genetic knowledge and in work that considers implications of genetic research. 2007: Tutorials as part of the Behavioural Genetics course at Goldsmith’s College, University of London. Neuroscience in Education: The good, the bad and the ugly. ISBN 9780199600496 Integrative Summary—Genetics and Reading Across Orthographies Plomin, Robert and Kovas, Yulia. Integrative Summary—Genetics and Reading Across Orthographies.

She is a member of the Council for Ethical, Societal and Legal Implications of Genetic Research in Child Development and Education; and Chair of the Psychology Department Ethics Committee at Goldsmiths. 2007: SPSS Data Entry and Analyses course to researchers at the Institute for Research & Development, Sri Lanka.

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