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But by 1917, the French military was war-weary; morale was low and some military divisions had even begun to mutiny.

Shipman contends that the Allied side, and the French especially, “needed someone to blame, to punish – to defeat.” So they found a perfect scapegoat in this “immoral foreigner with a sensuous walk who had shamelessly seduced men from all armies.” On July 25, 1917, the French military government found her guilty of espionage.

Still, even if you haven’t heard of Melissa’s name before, you’ve almost certainly heard of her work. Little six-year-old Drew Barrymore’s career is widely regarded as taking off thanks to her role as Gertie in E. Of course, that overlooks the other three movies she made before those. But how could a little girl born in 1975 already star in her first movie in 1978? Her aunt was an actress; her grandparents were actors; her great-grand parents were actors; her great-great-grandparents were actors…and the list goes on.

That’s made even more impressive considering that over the course of her career in Hollywood that spanned nearly over 30 years, she had a hand in writing a total of five screenplays. Despite being early on in Melissa’s career, it wasn’t the first major film that Steven Spielberg directed. But have you ever seen Drew as a toddler in the 1978 made-for-TV movie called Suddenly, Love? Well, for Drew Barrymore, you are born into a family of actors. One of those relatives in Drew Barrymore’s impressive ancestry filled with actors was a man named Lionel. During his lifetime, Lionel Barrymore starred in 225 different films.

Then, just last year—in 2016 for anyone listening to this in the future—legendary director Steven Spielberg’s 3D animated version of the children’s book was released. Screenwriters and authors don’t typically get much of the spotlight.

The screenwriter who adapted Roald’s book to the big screen was none other than Melissa Mathison. Sadly, Melissa passed away in 2015 so she wasn’t able to see The BFG get released in theaters.

At age 18, she married an officer in the Dutch colonial army.

The Dutch government did not intervene to any significant degree on behalf of its citizen, who was executed after having spent months enduring malnourishment and incarceration in vermin-infested conditions.

The mythmaking began immediately after her date with the firing squad.

Movie portrayals involving such stars as Greta Garbo only added to the Mata Hari legend.

However the public chose to remember her, the German government exculpated Mata Hari in 1930.

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