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New Year’s is the time to make resolutions, and that could mean anything from losing weight to trying a new hobby or experimenting with a new wardrobe — all things that happen to pair nicely with dating, and can provide a renewed sense of purpose and excitement.“The holidays are filled with merriment, cheer, and a concentration of social events.It's natural to want to find a partner to join you," explains Jessica Tom, community director for dating website How About We."The winter months also bring out a 'coziness instinct'.The team's efforts, despite the challenge, seems to be working — the first changes alone resulted in a doubling of "yes" matches on the site.We sat down with Thombre and President Mandy Ginsberg to learn more about the math behind improving matches. If you’re looking to meet someone new in 2014, there’s apparently one particularly good moment to do it: January 5th at PM, according to The powerhouse online dating site has spent years analyzing its dater data, and says it has been able to pinpoint the exact minute when the most daters join the website in hopes of meeting the right person.

Since then, he and a team of 12 have been hard at work developing an equation (well, hundreds of equations) for successful match recommendations. "It's easy to predict who likes The Godfather, but in this case, the Godfather has to like you back," Thombre says.It uses that data to make some guesses about who you like before you even rate your first match.The site's math team has documented hundreds of correlations.It's another way of determining what you like even if you can't articulate it."We don't know exactly what it is," explains Thombre.

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