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He has vast country estates all over the country — Hugh, 26, owns more land in Britain than the Queen.Perhaps this is one of the reasons for the fevered speculation in aristocratic circles as to whom the handsome young Duke may choose to become his wife — and the next Duchess of Westminster.One shows her at a nightclub with a group of friends, in another, she is wearing a blue and yellow cheerleaders’ outfit, cigarette in hand.‘Harriet is a vivacious girl,’ says the friend. She is a really nice girl, very respectful of others and always dresses smartly.’Harriet’s father used to run a curtain factory and her mother used to work at Boots in Widnes.

After leaving school, where Hugh and Harriet were part of the same group of friends, Harriet took a degree in psychology at the University of Wales in Cardiff, while Hugh studied countryside management at Newcastle University.

She must also have met Gerald before he died.’Some time before Gerald Grosvenor died, Harriet and Hugh broke up.

‘Harriet announced to friends they were splitting up and she seemed really upset,’ says the friend.‘It was obviously hurting. It seems that Harriet supported Hugh through his grief and was a real comfort.‘Harriet is a down-to-earth girl who drinks beer, smokes and has, in the past, enjoyed hanging out with a crowd called the Port Talbot boys.’Indeed, as our exclusive new pictures show, Harriet is a bit of a party girl.

‘He drives there in a small silver car, not at all grand.’Despite his stupendous wealth, Hugh seems just as grounded as Harriet and isn’t remotely interested in money.‘He is down to earth. When he meets people when they are out together, he will shake their hand and say: “Hello, I’m Hugh.” ’He is, it would seem, a rather reluctant Duke.

Hugh managed to keep his family connections a secret from many of his friends right up to the age of 21, when his parents insisted on throwing a party for him at Eaton Hall and he was forced to reveal his true identity.

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