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In Western Pennsylvania, a company fronted by Jack Ham, a former linebacker for the National Football League’s Pittsburgh Steelers, was granted a license to grow in Greene County under the banner of AGRi MED Industries LLC.

And Keith Morgan, the Lower Merion Township heir to the Aamco transmission fortune, won a growing license for the northwestern region of the state with his company Holistic Farms.

Can my spouse still fight a divorce in Pennsylvania even after one year? If your husband or wife claims that the marriage is not irretrievably broken or that you have not yet been separated for a full twelve months, the court cannot agree with your affidavit without giving both of you the opportunity to be heard. Many years ago, I handled a divorce for a woman (separated for more than the two years that were required at that time) whose husband had been sentenced to serve a lengthy prison term for terrible crimes committed against his own family.

When we served her husband with the divorce documents, he filed a response insisting that the marriage was irretrievably broken.

We had to go before a judge just to prove that she wanted out of the marriage. All the old “fault” grounds for divorce — grounds such as brutality, adultery, and infliction of indignities — are still on the books in Pennsylvania.

The first of these, Mutual Consent, absolutely requires that both you and your spouse sign documents agreeing to obtain a divorce decree some time after a mandatory waiting period has expired.According to him, his wife did not really want a divorce…and the whole thing was the fault of the state of Pennsylvania for putting him in prison in the first place!“It was an incredibly competitive process, and there were numerous outstanding applicants,” Morgan said.“Unfortunately, many of them were left disappointed, but that’s the nature of a highly competitive process.” Several of the region’s prominent individuals were shut out in this round. Tuttleman, a Philadelphia native who runs a medical-marijuana-growing business in Nevada; Lindy Snider, an entrepreneur whose late father, Ed Snider, owned the Philadelphia Flyers; and several former professional athletes, including Steelers great Franco Harris.

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